Bow Of Energy

Common looking short recurve bow without a string. Made from Cherrywood and polished to a high shine.

weapon (ranged)
This bow looks normal, with the exeption of no visiable string. When held in firing position and the motion made is made to “pull the string” a shimmering string appears and a glowing arrow appears cocked and ready to fire. There are two types of arrows availible, with the proper words spoken by the user. There are:

+1 arrows, +1 to hit and +1 to damage. These arrows will also be able to set fire to the target 1 in 6 times (1d6, 6 sets fire).

Cure light wounds: as spell when fired at a wounded target. These arrow will not work on charcters of an evil alignment.

This wepond may only be used by a good alignment charactor.

The bow is loyal to the owner(current charactor) it cannot be used by any other character. Should the owner die, the bow will dissapear.

This bow was once owned by a low level Druid. It was created for her by a powerful mage of good alignment as a reward for compleating a dangerous quest. It was in the druids possession until her untimily death some time ago. The bow was lost to the world until recently when another high level wizard descovered a reference to the bow in a forgotten spellbook. The bow was summoned and kept until it could be used as a gift for another person. It is rumored that the bow can adjust its’self and add additional arrows from time to time. (at the descreation of the DM)

Bow Of Energy

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